Welcome to Mum&sons

My two eldest boys challenged me to start a cooking blog with simple recipes that we can cook together - and my youngest one has now joined in. I am hoping they pick up some cooking and photograph skills... or that at least they learn to design and run a blog.


You need:
- 3 egg whites
- 175 gr sugar
- frozen strawberry or raspberry powder ( 1.5 table spoons)
- cocoa powder: .5 tablespoons

Preheat the oven at 150 degrees.

Whisk the egg whites (until they reach hard peak stage)Add the  sugar in tablespoons while you continue whisking. Once the mixture becomes heavy and glossy put little amounts of the mixture on an oven tray lined with silicone or baking parchment (you can do this with a piping bag or just with a spoon) Sprinkle cocoa on top of half of the meringues ( do not sprinkle the strawberry until they come out of the oven or the strawberry powder will turn out black) As soon as you get the meringues into the oven reduce the temperature to 140 degrees and cook for 30 minutes. Leave them in the oven without opening the door for a few hours or preferably overnight. Sprinkle the strawberry powder on top of the other half of the meringues. That is all.