Welcome to Mum&sons

My two eldest boys challenged me to start a cooking blog with simple recipes that we can cook together - and my youngest one has now joined in. I am hoping they pick up some cooking and photograph skills... or that at least they learn to design and run a blog.


This could not be simpler, nor yummier.
You only need:
- two eggs
- 100 gr of chorizo cut in thin slices or small cubes (some supermarkets sell it diced)
- olive oil (coat very thinly the frying pan)
- a small pinch of salt  (chorizo is salty anyway)
Heat the pan (without oil) over a low heat hob. Fry the chorizo for 1-1.30 minutes (the chorizo will release a lot of red fat). Put the chorizo away and throw away the fat. Add the olive oil to the pan and heat it until it is very hot (this is the trick to all omelettes so that they do not stick to the pan). Beat the eggs, add the chorizo and the salt and add it all to the oiled pan. Reduce the heat and turn the omelette around when the lower side is golden (easiest is to put a plate on top of the frying pan, turn it around and bring the omelette back to the pan on the other side). When it is golden on both sides (this takes a couple of minutes on each side) take it out and eat it.

This is always a winner with kids. It feeds 2 kids or 1 adult.
It is even better when served with plenty of crusty bread and a very cold beer (not for the kids of course!).
The kids helped beating the eggs and adding the chorizo, but  the you will have to do the frying.